Pain Management Video

Light key protocol to feel better instantly | pain management | spiritual healing | self help

Light Keys healing system is a self-healing modality that helps the individuals to heal their body, life and being. The system consists of a set of high vibrational keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies. These are simple self-learning modalities that only takes a couple of minutes to hours to learn them.
This system was first channelled by Nirmala Raju (Also known as Nila or Nimi) in 2011 and is being expanded continuously.
Basic light key protocols are a series of simple steps that combine the vibrations of the light keys, light key frequencies and light key processes to address specific issues. The protocols are self-help procedures that do not require any previous experience or exposure to any energy healing system.
In this video, Nila is walking the viewers through a simple light key protocol to feel better instantly.
Nila is currently doing a series called ‘Five Life-changing protocols’ including the following at a 75% discount:
1. Pain relief protocol: This protocol helps to release or transmute the energy that causes physical pain by invoking frequencies and expressions.
2. Fluid balance protocol: This self- help protocol uses the energy of light keys, light key frequency and light medicine to balancing blood, hormones and other chemicals in the body.
3. Glow and grow protocol: This protocol induces growth and likely to restore lost tissues and help heal the bones & skin through very potent light key frequencies and processes.
4. Intimacy protocol: This protocol not only helps to heal the blocks in sexual energy in the body and spirit but also opens you up for receiving more from the universe. This protocol is likely to help you attract a partner and/or a baby. This is all about bringing the nurturing energy back into your body and life and create more.
5. Protocol for clearing unhealthy relationships: This protocol releases you from unhealthy attachments that cause obsession, addiction, co-dependency etc using new light key tools
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