Chronic Pain Video

Lifechanging moments Chiropractic care that transforms chronic pain instantly

Ooh I love that question So the reason why I love to do what I do uh is because we get to see and help so many different types of people Uh just this last week I had two people come in that were uh just not getting anywhere Uh they were having chronic pain and nothing was helping None of the pills that they were given was helping None of the stretches uh was doing exactly what they needed We go in we adjusted the right space or the right spot within their spine and things started to happen Things started to change instantly I’d say one person within two visits they said their life was completely changed because they had come to see me and they had adjusted us And and one of the further reasons why I love doing what I do is now we’re able to expand that to businesses Uh I love seeing families in the San Diego area It’s really rewarding and