Chronic Pain Video

LIfe with CHRONIC PAIN for PLUS SECONDARY CONDITIONS! #chronicpain #healthconditions #mentalhealth

In this vlog, I talk about how I’ve lived with chronic pain and illness for 14 years, as well as, the secondary side conditions that have developed.

I live with chronic illness and pain and secondary conditions such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, dizziness, and chronic fatigue.

Chronic Inspiration is a wellness support group for those of us who suffer from chronic, invisible pain and illnesses.

Chronic Inspiration is here to help put a smile on your face or give you a place to vent – whichever you need. All I ask is you treat each other kindly.

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ChronicallyInspired is for sharing something that melts your heart;
ChronicallyCheering is for just supporting & encouraging one another in this chaotic world;
ChronicGiggles for the laughs!
ChronicSupport – I will be using this tag for things that I’m recommending to you from the healthcare industry.
ChronicCare – This tag is solely focused on the caring of us in our varying conditions.
And, finally… ChronicWarrior as we shall forever be!
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