Chronic Pain Video


HEY, here is the low down on why I have been down low and off You Tube. Chronic illness has a way of knocking us out of the ring for a while. I have been recovering, fighting, healing, medicating, hydrating, cleaning, organizing and keeping my hands busy. Caring for my orchids. I am a deal with Chronic migraines, Fibromyalgia, Hemiplegic Migraines, Anxiety, and other things. Just trying to find joy amongst the living. I share life in the good bad and ugly. I try to keep my hands and mind busy to distract me from the pain. Isaac Mather’s link to his YouTube channel

Blessing and peace to you all.
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Below are links to some of my favorite shopped for items on Amazon. A small percent of purchase comes back to me. This would be a promotional link.

** med3/8 inch Orchiata bark chips
** med 3/8 inch Josh’s Tree Frog Orchid bark
** pumice stones for orchid substrate
** Fertilizer I use for my orchids
** Hydroton Lecca balls for substrate
**TDS meter
**ph meter

00 Vault food grade storage containers
00 hard Red Wheat Berries for long term storage made in Washington
00 soft wheat berries for long term storage made in Washington

^^ My favorite bar soap, mild and smells yummy choc mint ://
^^ anti frizzing hair gel for curly hair
^^My Favorite hair mask
^^ very easy on stomach Vit D Been using it for 10 years
^^ Pure Encapsulations Potassium for migraines
^^ Pure Encapsulations Multiple with Folate

00 Reticam Table Top Tripod “I LOVE IT!”
00 Rode Video Microphone (the one I use doesn’t allow me to link it)
00 Dead Cat cover for windy outdoor microphone recording

00 similar microphone to mine Rode Video Mic
00 Soft box lighting Mount Dog
00 Outdoor heavy duty tripod Newer 284
00 supplemental clip on powerful light Enegon rechargeable

I film with my Samsung S20 Plus.