Chronic Pain Video

Learn to let go of pain with Ella Matthews

Victoria Kleinsman interviews chronic pain and trauma specialist Ella Matthews about how emotional and physical trauma can get stored in the body, leading to conditions like chronic pain. They discuss modalities like somatic experiencing, cognitive hypnotherapy, and trauma-release exercises to help people heal. Ella shares how changing self-talk and cultivating self-compassion can change our nervous system’s perception of danger.

Key Discussion Points:

– The connection between emotional trauma and physical pain symptoms (00:07:00)
– How trauma gets stored in the body’s tissues and nervous system (00:10:22)
– Using modalities like hypnotherapy, trauma release exercises (TRE), and breathing exercises to release stored trauma (00:19:30)
– The role of feeling safe and social connection in trauma healing (00:30:09)
– How changing judgmental self-talk can change pain perception (00:47:32)
– Connecting to self-love and inner wisdom for guidance (00:50:51)

Guest Bio:
Ella Matthews combines modalities like clinical hypnotherapy, pain neuroscience education, trauma release exercises, and breathing training to help clients release stored trauma and find relief from chronic pain conditions. Her comprehensive mind-body approach has earned her an excellent reputation.

Company Bio:
Breath Body Mind offers one-on-one online and in-person sessions to help clients reduce anxiety, release chronic pain, resolve phobias and trauma, and learn tools like clinical hypnotherapy and breathing exercises for self-healing. Founder Ella Matthews takes a customized approach tailored to each person’s needs.

Key Quotes:

“There’s actually a very weak correlation between pain and tissue damage. Pain is simply your body’s perception of how much danger you’re in.” (00:09:19)

“You can’t heal a body that you hate. And so if you’re berating yourself because you haven’t got better fast enough…all of that is going to be the same as someone chasing you at the spear to your nervous system.” (00:47:32)

“We forget that that’s what we’re made of. We’re all made of love. We all come into the world, just little amazing bundles of love.” (00:51:16)

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