Chronic Pain Video

Learn How Kailo Helped A Customer With Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

As a young woman Liza was in car accident she was lucky to survive. The aftermath left her with metal throughout her body and chronic pain. To make things worse she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia making the pain 10 times worse. From body aches to migraines and loss of feeling in her hands learn how Kailo reduced Liza’s pain instantly from a 7 to a 4 and lower.

Kailo is a non-transdermal pain patch made up of millions of charged nanocapacitors that act as bioantennas that work with your body’s natural electrical system to relieve pain without medication.

Everyone’s pain is unique. That’s why we try to provide testimonials from different perspectives and types of pain.

The video will discuss three components to help you find the correct placement.

For other site specific pain, check out this Kailo placement guide:

Outsmart your pain. Go Kailo.

• Wearable
• Reusable
• Waterproof
• Drug free (no opioids)
• Easy to use

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Kailo is the future of pain relief.