Chronic Pain Video

Laid Back Hip Strength + Mobility with a Booty Band | Chronic pain + Fatigue Workouts

*This video is part of my Gentle Morning Movement Live Classes. If you want to join the class live (Tue – Fri @,7:00am (PST) or gain access to the full library of gentle movements, visit:

This session focuses on strengthening and mobilizing the hip muscles (glutes, Hip flexors + hamstrings). I am using a light loop band around my thighs, but the band is optional. The whole session can be done down on the floor or on your bed if you prefer.

*Disclaimer – Please ensure that you have a doctor’s clearance for exercise. Move slowly and ensure that your area is clear. Randi Pullar Fitness is not liable for injuries sustained while using this video. If anything feels uncomfortable or painful please stop. if the pain doesn’t subside, seek medical attention. Exercise always comes with an inherent risk, so be safe and don’t work out alone.