Chronic Pain Video

Ketamine Therapy Reviews | Ketamine for Chronic Pain | Selena’s Story

In this powerful video, Selena shares her remarkable journey of overcoming debilitating pain from arthritis and bulging disks through ketamine infusions. Struggling to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like fishing and hiking due to her condition, Selena found hope when her sister-in-law Miriam introduced her to ketamine infusions.

Through heartfelt consultations with Colleen, Selena gained confidence in the treatment process. She describes the calming and effective nature of the ketamine infusions, transforming her pain management experience. Despite initial doubts, Selena persisted, leading to a breakthrough after the third infusion.

Witness Selena’s incredible transformation as she experiences significant pain relief, enabling her to sleep on her side for the first time in over a year. The immersive nature of the treatment, coupled with the supportive environment and personalized care, left a lasting impact on Selena.

Join Selena as she shares how ketamine infusions not only alleviated her physical pain but also instilled hope and resilience in her outlook. Discover the empowering alternative approach to pain management that empowered Selena to enhance her overall well-being.

Don’t miss Selena’s inspiring journey towards a brighter, pain-free future with revitalizing ketamine infusions.