Chronic Pain Video

Ken Burns Interview- Chronic Pain

In this video Ken, an individual living with chronic pain, who shares his experience navigating his diagnosis. Hear about mindfulness, rehabilitation, new normals, the importance of community, and so much more!

As a part of our newly developed program focused on adult disabilities, we have collected testimonies from individuals living with the diagnoses covered in the program. These videos are being shown during trainings of this program in Kenya to healthcare providers, the disability community, and/or their family members/caregivers.

Because disability is highly stigmatized in Kenya (and all over the world), the intent of these videos is to have individuals with the same disability who attend our trainings have someone to identify with/learn from, which may not be the case in their community since disability is typically hidden/not talked about. A further objective is for healthcare providers to learn directly from someone with the lived experience of what they are treating, as the patient is the most important person of the care team!

*Posted with permission*

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