Chronic Pain Video

Is Your Physical Pain There to Distract You From Emotional Pain?

Pain covers pain. That’s why I ask you, is your physical pain there to distract you from emotional pain?
There’s a concept in physical therapy, chiropractic, and other similar types of therapies that one pain can cover (or distract from) another pain.
Have you ever hit your thumb with a hammer? Did you notice that when that happened, you didn’t feel anything else but your throbbing thumb?
The same can be true for your chronic pain or functional chronic symptoms. When you’re hurting or not feeling well, your focus turns to that. Subconsciously, your brain may be distracting you from painful emotions by creating the pain or symptoms in your body.
What do we do about it? The answer will sound familiar to you if you’ve been watching these videos for a bit: We shine a light on it. We don’t judge it, get angry at it, become depressed about it, or fight it. With awareness, you are now empowered to make a different choice.

This video is for information purposes only. It is not medical or chiropractic advice nor does it establish a patient-provider relationship. Enjoy and learn!

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