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Invisible Not Broken – Chronic Illness Podcast Network – Author of “Pain: The Ultimate Mentor,”…

Monica Michelle is joined by author & physiotherapist Kevin Hunt.

Kevin lives with chronic pain.

In this episode, Monica and Kevin discuss:
Kevin’s philosophy of pain management as a physiotherapist who experiences chronic pain. The Hexagon Model, a life-management tool for focusing on what’s important to you. Kevin’s idea behind his new book. Using pain as a guide.

00:34 – Kevin’s work as a physiotherapist specializing in the experience of pain

06:44 – The Hexagon Model for managing your life’s needs

14:00 – Putting aside the idea of a “quick fix”

19:45 – Kevin’s personal experience with pain and how he uses it with patients

28:44 – Kevin’s book, “Pain: The Ultimate Mentor”

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