Chronic Pain Video

Invisible Illness Awareness | Living with Chronic Pain and Illness as a “Young” Person

⚠️Graphic Warning⚠️
Some images may be triggering to some people (surgery photos).

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I’m a 33 year old female with auriculotemporal and zygomatic neuralgia and chronic childhood onset insomnia. I also have intractable migraines. Most of my uploads are food related or milestone/anniversary vlogs. My latest videos often feature my boyfriend Mauricio who helps me a whole lot. I try to navigate everyday life as someone with chronic pain and illness. Rarely do I like talking about my condition but do mention my chronic illness for context.

Mauricio and I have only been dating since March 18, 2022. He’s my rock, cheerleader and constant supporter! I could have never gotten back to content creating without him. He is always helping me in any way he can to make living with disability/chronic illness a little bit more bearable.

Note: I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors. Having severe chronic insomnia has had a negative impact on my memory and communication. I’m doing the best I can and am not sure if I made any errors. Thank you for understanding!

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