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Intracept® Procedure for Chronic Low Back Pain at AVORS Medical Group

The Intracept Procedure is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure for patients with vertebrogenic pain. The procedure targets a specific nerve within the vertebra called the basivertebral nerve and has been shown to improve function and relieve pain long-term. The procedure is implant-free, preserving future treatment options for other spine conditions.

Dr. Thomas Nasser brings new hope and ideas to the Antelope Valley. “There is much more to pain management than medications and injections. Pain management does not live as its own entity like most people think. Pain management is actually an integral piece of rehabilitation. So numbing the pain is not the answer, improving the pain to allow patients to do their daily functions is really the answer. And that’s what I do as a Physiatrist” -Dr. Thomas Nasser.

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