Pain Management Video

Intracept Patient Interview with Interventional Pain Management physician Jonathan S. Daitch, MD

Dr. Daitch discusses the Intracept procedure and its results with a recently recovered patient. She shares how Intracept resolved over 40 years of pain in an outpatient procedure performed while the patient dozes under a “twilight sleep” sedation.

The majority of patients experience pain relief almost immediately and then more completely within the first 2 – 6 weeks.
This patient shares how she is back to performing day-to-day activities pain-free.

When conservative measures fail to provide the patient with a desirable level of comfort, procedures such as Intracept are often the answer to long-term relief.

For people who prefer to avoid open surgery or continue with repetitive pain management treatments, Advanced Pain Management & Spine Specialists offers some of the most advanced options available in Southwest Florida.