Chronic Pain Video

Inside The Mind Of Someone Actively Overcoming Chronic Pain

Day 76, In this video series I’m documenting my life every day as I battle against chronic pain. I don’t know of anyone my age dealing with the sort of things that I have to go through so I thought I’d share my experience and showcase the challenges and victories along the way as I find out what it takes to live a pain free life.

Bit of a more laid back one today, huge win that I woke up not in pain. I did eat a LOT of fruit for breakfast this morning. Strange feeling I’m experiencing where I’m coming to the end of a major chapter in my life – chapter 1, and I’m genuinely at peace with myself, and continuing to become more and more so every day. Completely forgot about 4/20, further winning through detachment from my previous life. This was a bit more of an opening into my mind today, just talked a lot more deeply with the camera than usual, and as I’m getting more comfortable with this new way of life, it’s becoming easier and more rewarding.

If you or someone you know suffers with chronic pain, feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear your story and see what’s possible with this curse we share. I’m going through this to show you it’s possible and how to go about it in your own way.

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