Chronic Pain Video

Innovative Physical Therapy & Fitness- LOUD Back Adjustment for Back Pain

Patient gets adjustment at Innovative Physical Therapy & Fitness in Edison, NJ.


Do you suffer from chronic back pain?

Want permanent pain relief instead of temporary?

Innovative PT & Fitness uses some of the most advanced rehab technology today.⁣

✅ MLS Laser Therapy⁣
✅ EPAT Machine⁣
✅ Graston Technique⁣
✅ Solo Step⁣
✅ RedCord Technique⁣

A lot of physical therapists want you to stay with them long term so they can bill you longer 😂

With us, it’s for 6-8 weeks then you’re done. ⁣

We do functional recovery, so you can get back to what you want to do with your life. ⁣

We focus on the body top to bottom.⁣

Whatever your problem, we have a solution.⁣

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