Chronic Pain Video

I live with chronic pain & chronic illness, I struggle with anxiety & depression because of my PAIN

Are you or someone you love living in constant pain, chronically feeling sick, lonely, overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, anxious, afraid, hyper-vigilante, sad, guilty and deeply ashamed?

Please join me as I share the many challenges in my daily life.

I feel so lonely and alone in this, but I know many like me all over Australia, and the world handles this too. I have beautiful children, supporting parents and siblings. Still, until you live with an “invisible and debilitating disease”, you will never know how deeply it hurts to be told, “Well, you certainly don’t look sick; that must make you feel better!”

For decades I did not want to talk about my poor health; I was so ashamed that my body was so “weak”. I wanted to have my career, socialise with friends and live my life to the FULLEST. Not being able to do that has crippled me mentally, emotionally and spiritually with SHAME, SHAME, SHAME because I haven’t been able to “just get on with it.”

I felt immense shame and guilt after fighting with everything I had within me to survive several extraordinarily traumatic and radical surgical procedures over the last 19 years that destroyed a few different careers I had fought so hard to obtain.

Please subscribe and share this video so we can build a community for all of the chronically ill; I have thousands of hours of footage I have recorded over the last 15 years in a hospital away from my beautiful miracle babies.

I have decided to share them because PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE, sick people especially. Carers looking after their loved ones NEED to be cared for. Given all the advances of modern technology allowing us to communicate so easily and instantaneously across vast distances, it is time to use it for those of us bedridden.

Sending you love and kindness, and hopefully, you get a giggle; remember, I have just come out of my 47th surgery.

Choose to be happy, hopeful & kind to each other and especially to yourself.


Check out the photos of the 2 QR codes I have added to get an idea of what I have worked so hard at hiding for so long that it has required enormous effort to reverse engineer. ( I was offered my own reality show, which freaked me out because there was a part of me that always hoped I would find a miracle, get healthy and go back to living my “best”, “Healthy Career”.