Chronic Pain Video

How your Nervous System Changes with Chronic Pain and Addiction ft. Dr. Russel Surasky

Today, we are joined with doctor Russell. He’s a double board certified neurologist with expertise in pain and addiction. You can find him on Instagram @RussellSuraskyMD or at his practice at New York City. Today on the podcast, we discussed a number of things regarding pain and addiction. We talked about causes of pelvic pain as well as a number of diagnostic and treatment options for pelvic pain. We discussed the importance of finding a specialist that has expertise in pelvic pain to identify the root cause of pelvic pain and a variety of lifestyle changes and daily routines that you can adapt to improve your pain day to day. We also talked about foods and supplements that can improve your pain as well.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:31 – Understanding Chronic Pain
06:05 – Brain Changes in Chronic Pain
07:22 – Diagnostic Approaches in Chronic Pain
09:07 – Pelvic Pain in Men and Women
11:15 – Risk Factors for Pelvic Pain
13:13 – Lifestyle Factors in Managing Pain
17:08 – Mindfulness and Meditation in Pain Management
19:19 – Key Diagnostic Tests for Pelvic Pain
21:08 – Investigating Spinal Pathologies and Pelvic Pain
23:02 – Treating Pudendal Neuralgia
27:41 – Alternative Therapies and Pain Management
29:57 – Discussing CBD and Marijuana in Pain Relief
32:35 – Use of Botox and Neuromodulation in Treating Pain
34:20 – Over-the-Counter and Alternative Pain Relief Options
36:31 – Nutritional and Dietary Factors in Managing Pain
38:41 – The Role of Exercise in Health and Pain Management
41:21 – Identifying and Addressing Addiction
49:01 – Effective Treatments and Approaches in Addiction
54:43 – Closing

Watch the video till the end and let me know your thoughts in the comments.
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