Chronic Pain Video

How to treat Chronic back pain | Cupping therapy

If you’re a health practitioner and you are not listening to your clients body, STOP!!!

​Always tailor your treatment to the patients needs and not based on guesswork. Our goal is to achieve results to allow patients to live a life better than when they walked in to our Clinic. Taking extra care and knowing what you’re doing goes a long way!

1. Listen to your client – Actually caring about what they have to say goes a long way.

2. Take your time – Everybody is different and the way their body reacts will NOT be the same as someone else.

3. Ensure you will help – It’s very likely that the client has been in agony and has come to you for assurance. Let them know you are going to do the best you can to achieve the results that they’re after.
​We often spend so much time trying to ‘educate’ ourselves with new techniques, that we forget the key fundamentals when it comes to treating a Client. People tend to feel neglect when they receive care because they are classed as conditions. Everyone’s healing process is different and every individual should be looked after in a unique way.

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ICAHT is founded on the principles of true healthcare. At the ICAHT centre we utilise natural methods of care and employ a wide range of old and new sophisticated treatment techniques to restore and optimise health, and to empower our patients with choice.
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