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How to prevent complications of interventional pain procedures

Dr. Giuliano Lo Bianco features a comprehensive lecture on preventing complications in interventional pain procedures. He begins by showcasing the scenic beauty of Palermo and inviting viewers for a visit. The agenda includes discussing important literature on safety and complications in interventional pain management. As image-guided interventional pain procedures have increased, so have related complications, emphasizing the need for physician expertise, patient selection, and preparation. The presentation covers various types of complications, such as biological, loss of efficacy, and device-related issues. Key points include the importance of physician training, patient assessment, informed consent, and procedural precision. He delves into specific complications like infection, epidural hematoma, post-dural puncture headache, spinal cord injury, and device-related pain, providing insights on prevention, management, and adherence to guidelines. Emphasizing multidisciplinary teamwork and continuous education, this lecture is a valuable resource for professionals in the field of pain management.

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