Chronic Pain Video

How To Prepare For a Future Living With a Severe Chronic Illness/ Chronic Pain/ Chronic Fatigue

I go over important actions to take so that you can be prepared for a worst case scenario in your life with chronic illness.

Hey Survivors! ❤

I think out of all my videos this is the one that will be the most helpful to everyone suffering from chronic illnesses.
I kind of hope it goes viral so it can help as many ppl as possible.

BTW Did you like my awesome click-bait thumbnail? LOL
And yes, it does look different. My hubby helped me figure out how to hook up and use my nice camera, instead of a webcam, to film episodes.

And yes, I do look very swollen in this video. Thank you for not pointing it out. I will look swollen in the next 4 videos as I filmed them all on the same day.

I’ve had chronic illnesses for over a decade, and in that time I did my best to get better, but at the same time I was paranoid enough to do these things I suggest in this video in order to protect myself should the worst happen.
I especially like that doing these things helps to show how hard you fought to get better, so that people reviewing your records can see in obviously in a few ways.

I hope this video helps you,
and I hope you stay to help form our survivor community with your valuable experiences and knowledge.

AND – Thank you so much to Theseus on Instagram for giving me the video idea! ❤

Keep on surviving, my friends! 💪💜

• 00:00 – Preparing for a Chronic Illness Future
• 01:37 – DOOMSDAY TIP 1: Short Term Disability Insurance
• 04:00 – DOOMSDAY TIP 2: Downsizing Early
• 05:34 – DOOMSDAY TIP 3: Make Your Job Easier on You
• 06:57 – DOOMSDAY TIP 4: Doctors and Documenting EVERYTHING
• 08:25 – DOOMSDAY TIP 5: Online Communities
• 09:42 – Making This Channel a Future Community PLANS
• 10:38 – DOOMSDAY TIP 6: When to Apply For SSDI
• 12:43 – DOOMSDAY TIP 7: Being Taken Care Of
• 13:48 – DOOMSDAY TIP 8: Average Life Expectancy

How to Apply for a Disability Home Aide

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I have been a chronic illness sufferer since 2010. My hobbies have always included researching the science, I used to be extremely active in weight lifting and dancing back in the day (when it was still possible), and I worked in the healthcare industry for 14 years, until my chronic illness finally made it impossible to work.

Survival of the Fatigued is a channel I’ve made to help others like me that are going through various #chronicillnesses. I make videos based on what I’ve have a hard time learning/finding as I go through my chronic illness journey.
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