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How To Manage Chronic Pain When The World Is Scary [CC]

How can people living with existing chronic pain manage their symptoms when things feel so out of control, and many don’t have access to their usual care? 

To try and scratch the surface of that very big question, I interviewed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Whitney Scott. She is also a Researcher and Lecturer in Clinical Health Psychology at King’s College London and is a chronic pain expert working in an NHS pain clinic. 

This video is a recording from a livestream that we did on Instagram Live on Friday 20th March, so if I ever go off on random tangents, I’m responding to comments or questions in the chat that did not export to this video!

I’ll be posting more videos with experts shortly, so if there are any topics you’d like me to cover, particularly in terms of things people living with long-term health conditions can do to try and manage in isolation, please do let me know!

A special thanks goes out to my bestest pal Lucy Dove for the design assets and helping me get this video out so quickly.

This wasn’t the content I was planning on starting my YouTube channel with. In fact, I had just started working on mobility aid reviews and inclusive fashion content. But given the current situation, I want to create things that I hope will be helpful to the chronic illness community.

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