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How to Live Unapologetically with Chronic Illness – The Wellacopia Podcast

“You are subject to change and that’s ok. You’re allowed to make a decision and then change your mind. Its about constant evolution. Be open to that within ourselves and in other people. In order to have good relationships you have to be able to grow with people.”

– Lauren Freedman

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*Talking Points*

· Her story, starting with anxiety and depression, panic attacks at a young age,

· Diagnosed with OCD after 9/11

· Used CBT to find a way through the dark

· Career shifts

· Finding a doctor who would listen…

· Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

· Given permission to NOT see a “Top Doc”

· Sleep medicine and apnea

· Learning and growing from the community through podcasting

· Podcasting has been key to her healing

· Privilege and diversity in medicine

· “Bravery” – a double-edged sword

· “Living your life unapologetically is brave – I don’t care who you are”

· Trying to do something every day

· Not getting lost in “symptom porn”

· Reaching out, knowing you’re not alone

· Connecting with people when you normally stay silent

· Listening to other’s stories

· Boundaries and worth

· Perfectionism vs positivity

· Change, adaptation and a mindset shift

· Identity crisis – am I my illness or am I me?

· Being different is BRAVE.

· Find what makes you hopeful.

· “it’s not your choice to be overwhelmed. It is your choice to stay overwhelmed”

· “You’re not the only person in bed. In pain. Worried. We don’t have to stay lonely.”

· How the “conversation” is changing

· Permission to speak =)

(Disclaimer: all content based on personal experience and research and should not be taken as medical advice)


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