Chronic Pain Video

How to heal chronic or reoccurring injuries with the Phoenix Waveform – Gilbert AZ Sports Therapy
Gilbert, AZ

The nervous system controls every muscle and joint movement. When you train the nervous system everything is better.

It’s not big muscle do not make you throw faster or run faster. The reason someone can run faster, jump higher or is more athletic is because their brain and nervous system is better.

Traditional exercise, therapy and rehabilitation often fail to achieve results because, they are not treating the true origin of the pain or injury and/or they are not reconnecting the brain to the muscles and joints.

Muscle inhibition, over activation and muscle compensation are major causes of chronic and re-occurring injuries and pain.

If muscle inhibition, over activation or muscle compensation exists and you not also neurological treating the the body, you may just be reinforcing bad or improper movement patterns and muscle compensation.

Our technology and methods treat the origin of then pain then re-educates and enhances the neuromuscular connection allowing the right muscles to fire and do the movements they were intended to do.

When the source of the pain has been eliminated and the brain and muscles a sending the right signals to each other the result is often faster injury recovery, relief from chronic pain and reoccurring injuries and even a faster or stronger athlete. It’s not bigger muscles that makes someone faster or a better athlete, it’s a more efficient neuromuscular system.