Pain Management Video

How to find bone on bone knee pain relief- 3 exercises

It’s possible to find relief ✅

When told your knee is “bone on bone” the automatic next thought typically is, “I need surgery”…but that’s actually not always necessary ☝🏽

I have had many patients, followers and members of Adventurers for Life not only find pain relief with bone on bone knees but also enjoy walking again, hike, kneel on the floor and get back up and MORE 🙌🏼

One of the most important factors in allowing these things to become possible again is MOVEMENT 👀

…which many people tend to avoid or think they should avoid in attempts to save the knee.

It is understandable though as many people can experience severe pain 😖

BUT it can be possible for movement to feel good again. Here are three simple movements that may be helpful in getting started 🪑

The key is making sure they feel good to your knees and aren’t significantly flaring up your pain. Modify as needed and take what your body is giving you at this time. It’s OKAY if it’s not perfect! 👍🏽

Repetitions are suggestions and may need to be changed or modified to fit your fitness level ⚠️ Use support as needed.

You. Can. Do. This.

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Not medical advice. Try at your own risk.