Chronic Pain Video

How to Experience Happiness During Chronic Illness

This video is designed for those who are seeking positive vibes during tough times. You will find a compilation of interviews with over 600 strangers I conducted about happiness.

At 27-years-old, I was diagnosed with what is often nicknamed the “Suicide Disease.” The disease, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and vagal neuralgia causes me excruciating pain while speaking, eating, and breathing. I have also developed symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia and full-body nerve pain. I first developed symptoms on my birthday at 26 years old on March 7, 2018. The previous year, a week and one month before my 25th birthday, I decided to interview strangers about happiness. Over the three years since I started the project, I have interviewed over 600 strangers about happiness.

Here is their advice on how to maintain happiness, even in the midst of a chronic diagnosis. You can too!