Chronic Pain Video

How Shaun Moved Out of Chronic Pain and Took Back Control of His Life

Have you ever managed chronic pain? And, maybe you wake up wondering what’s going to hurt next, maybe it’s your knee or your hip and then it’s your shoulder. If you’ve ever dealt with pain and have spent endless hours searching for resolutions, this episode is for you. 

In this episode, I interview one of our very own Strength & Mobility Dojo members, Dr. Shaun Puro. Shaun and I talk about:

• His personal experience with chronic pain and what it was like running into dead end after dead end

• How he discovered the role your brain and nervous system plays in managing chronic pain when he joined our original hip mobility challenge

• How modifying his strength workouts and integrating high payoff exercises were a game changer for him

• How he is integrating applied neurology into his professional practice as a Chiropractor to support his patients out of pain

• Strategies for managing the inevitable ups and downs that come with moving out of chronic pain

Thank you to Strength & Mobility Dojo member, Dr. Shaun Puro for sharing your personal and professional journey in managing pain. To work with Shaun, check out his practice:

AlternaHealth Solutions, located in Roswell,Ga.
Facebook: AlternaHealth Solutions (
Office Number: 770-641-9797

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