Chronic Pain Video

How Do Massages Help Chronic Neck Pain?

How are you guys doing today? My name is Chris from Massage Envy Anthem in Las Vegas, Nevada here. I’m one of the Massage Therapists and I’m here to tell you a little bit about how a massage can help with your chronic neck pain. So, chronic neck pain. Chronic, long time. Neck pain, everyone’s got it. Where we sit in there, as far as the therapies and perpetual aspect of it, the more you’re having massages, the more your body’s prone to recirculating, getting back to a homeostatic position. This comes with the intel of releasing certain trigger areas, whether it be posterior stuck areas or anterior, in the front neck muscles, scalenes, what have you. Perpetually, massage as a therapy can help with that. Whether it be dealing with the pain or just not wanting to be stuck, come and get your massages and see what kind of wellbeing you take out of it. Thank you so much and have a nice day.

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