Chronic Pain Video

How Dance Healed Me – Episode 2 – Living with Chronic Pain – What I do in a day

Hello Hi Welcome to my Channel! It’s Jo Freeman here sharing my stories of the good the bad and the pretty ugly, and how I managed to heal from it all with… Dance! Just dance? How? You may ask, well stick around and have a watch at How Dance Healed Me. And the ways I hope it can help heal you too!

I am a Professional Dance Artist, Choreographer, Movement Director and Mental Health Movement Facilitator.

I hope my channel can help inspire anyone of you to get up and groove! Because that’s the only way I managed to heal from one hell of a lot. Here I will be speaking about how it got me through physical, mental and emotional trauma. From alcohol and drug abuse to body dysmorphia and heartbreak I have been through one hell of a lot and to still be here today sharing the love and good vibes I owe to how dance allowed me to process and recover from it all. Of course I had some angels assisting me along the way.

Thank you to everyone who’s stopped by, I hope you appreciate me opening up about it all so you can open up about all your stories, and start more conversations about mental health.

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