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Home exercises for frozen shoulder and rotator cuff syndrome pain relief Tyler Hamel demonstrating home exercises to relieve frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tendinitis.

When suffering with frozen shoulder or rotator cuff syndrome it is very important to know the correct exercises and stretches to do to get better. Dr. Tyler Hamel has been helping patients with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome and shoulder injuries for over 20 years without using medicine or surgeries.

Dr. Hamel says that most people out there are procrastinators, they are really hoping that their shoulder pain goes away and don’t really want to go see a doctor. There are many options to relieve shoulder pain today including acupuncture, massage, pain medicine doctors, cortisone shots, physical therapy, chiropractic and even orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Hamel has experience with shoulder injuries, not only has he been treating shoulder pain patients in the Kingwood area for 20 years, but he has rotator cuff tears and injuries on both of his shoulders.

Ask your doctor first if you are unsure if you should try these exercises, Dr. Hamel gives them to all his shoulder pain patients as long as fracture and complete tears have been ruled out in the neck and shoulder area.

Interested in getting your shoulders stronger and more mobile then Dr. Tyler Hamel may be the doctor you are looking for. Give him a call today to schedule an initial shoulder consultation to see if he can help you today.

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