Chronic Pain Video

Hip Mobility For Prevention of Knee Injuries & Back Pain

Reduce Low Back Pain & Prevent Knee Pain & Injury
With this HIP IR/ER Drill.

What you have to understand is…the site of Pain is not always the problem. You always want to look above and below the problem area.

So if you have low back pain, you would look to see how the Hips & Tspine (mid back) are moving.
Lack of Hip Internal Rotation has been linked to Knee Injuries and low back pain.
But the truth of the matter is…Pain starts in the inside..originates in the brain. Then several systems can contribute to Pain if not working optimally

That’s why I developed the 2024 Pain No More Program. It’s and Inside out approach to healing your chronic pain. Most programs you see out there are only focusing on the movement part. But the lymphatic, vagus nerve, and respiratory system play a HUGE role in chronic pain.
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