Chronic Pain Video

Help for Those Living with Chronic Illness and Pain (2-3)

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How do you live well when the physical foundation of your life is crumbling? This is the challenge for millions who live with diseases for which there is no cure. These incurable ailments produce a life of constant pain, fatigue, numbness, dizziness, and other debilitating symptoms that create chronic suffering. Can you thrive in life while experiencing the suffering persistent sickness provokes? This class, based in part on Dr. Craig Svensson’s book, will provide practical and biblical help in understanding and living with the suffering incurable illnesses create.

Goal: To provide practical and Biblical help for those enduring the pain and suffering of chronic illness, or those who wish to minister to others who are living with chronic illness.

Overview of Chronic Illness and the Challenges for Patients (2/26)
Dealing with Difficult Medical Issues (3/4)
Addressing the Spiritual Challenges of Chronic Suffering (3/11)
The Problem of Suffering (3/18)
Living Well with Declining Health (4/1)
How to be of Practical Help (4/8)

Dr. Craig K. Svensson and Sue, his wife of over thirty-five years, have walked the difficult journey of parenting a prodigal who died after a fifteen-year descent into drug abuse and its attendant destructive lifestyle. Craig has served as a Bible teacher, interim preacher, a seminary board chair, a mission agency board chair, and as a visiting lecturer at the Bryansk Bible Institute and Seminary in Russia. He has worked with Sue as they have directed the ministry of their church to the homeless in their community since 2008. They live in West LaFayette, Indiana, where they serve with Faith Church. Craig is a pharmacist-scientist who has served as a university professor and administrator.