Chronic Pain Video

Healing White Light Guided Meditation for Chronic Pain Relief

After a short introduction to this practice (meditation begins at 1:38 timestamp), I will lead you on this Healing White Light Meditation, a transformative practice designed to help you alleviate chronic pain and find relief through focused attention on healing.

This guided meditation will guide you through witnessing your breath, releasing physical discomfort, and harnessing the inner healing power within you.

In this meditation, you will:

Witness the Breath: Begin by centering your awareness on your breath, grounding yourself in the present moment.

Release Physical Discomfort: Experience a soothing journey from head to toe, as we ease physical discomfort and pain from your body.

Healing White Light: Visualize a radiant white light at your core, a symbol of your innate ability to heal yourself. Feel this light envelop every cell, alleviating pain and promoting well-being.

Set an Intention: Conclude the meditation by setting an intention to remember this healing power within you, readily available whenever pain arises.

This guided meditation is ideal for those seeking relief from chronic pain and discomfort. Whether you’re new to meditation or experienced in mindfulness practices, this session is accessible and empowering.

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0:00 – Introduction to this meditation
1:38 – meditation begins


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