Chronic Pain Video

Healing Chronic Pelvic Pain Holistically with Lisa Costa Bir and Dr. Peta Wright

Dr. Peta Wright, gynaecologist and fertility specialist joins fx Medicine Ambassador Lisa Costa-Bir to delve into chronic pelvic pain. Together they look at the intricate connection between the manifestations of pain, and how this inflammatory condition is exacerbated by both internal and external stressors.

Together they explore the connections between brain-perceived exacerbations of pain, and how this has a direct effect on the presentation of this chronic and debilitating condition.

Peta shares many clinical pearls on holistic treatments of chronic pelvic pain for practitioners exploring their patient’s individual pain triggers, including the role of diet, lifestyle and underlying pathology when supporting patients to obtain and maintain long term effective outcomes.

This podcast also covers nutritional and herbal tools, hormonal treatments, and pain reprocessing therapy designed to support women in the reduction of pain while empowering them to manifest positive change.

Covered in this episode

(00:26) Welcoming Dr. Peta Wright
(05:51) Pain categories in CPP
(07:19) Diagnostics to identify the causes of pain
(13:06) Treating the whole person
(21:11) Hormone treatment to reduce pain
(24:03) Multifactorial causes of chronic pelvic pain
(28:06) Pain reprocessing therapy
(40:57) Nutrients for chronic pain management
(47:10) Herbal medicine treatments
(48:09) Benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment
(53:55) Thanking Peta and closing remarks

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