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Healing chronic pain without medication – Dr Howard Schubiner pain and trauma specialist

Chronic pain is an enormous problem across the entire population of the world, and anyone who has experienced pain beyond a period of several days will speak of its debilitating effects on their life.

Existing pain management models are exactly that, management models, and this can involve years of prescription pain medications which can bring their own issues and negative health effects.

Today I speak with a pain specialist and author of Unlearn your pain, Dr Howard Schubiner who has developed a pain model to help treat patients with chronic pain, not by managing the pain but in many cases by eliminating it entirely.

In this episode we define what pain is and learn that pain is in fact processed in the brain.

We hear that in many many cases pain exists in the absence of physical injury or structural anomaly.

Discover that with chronic headaches for example, in most cases theres nothing physically wrong with the sufferer.

We learn of the relationship between the growing prevalance of back pain and the rise in anxiety and depression.

Expect to learn of the link between poor self image and chronic pain.

We discuss the connection between childhood trauma and illness in later life including the presence of chronic pain.

We also hear about the research studies Dr Schubiner and colleagues have been carrying out which shows that chronic pain can be eliminated without medication.

Dr Schubiner is a pioneer in what can only be described as an extremely exciting and potentially transformative area of medicine and healing, I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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