Chronic Pain Video

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Good morning.l have lots to celebrate this Friday. I am celebrating five years of being pain-free Meds free anxiety depression shaking spasms free .

I am celebrating no epidurals Corazon shots or hip injections or sympathetic nerve blocks. I am celebrating that I went from not able to walk more than two steps without crying out loud with pain to dancing.

I received a gift from a dear friend of mine that changed my life. doctors gave up on me and I give up on myself. Life can be difficult at times but it’s absolutely beautiful.

remember that difficult moment doesn’t define you. what you think buried you actually planted you for something bigger and better. On Monday I will be on my way to Florida will be leaving out one of my biggest dreams of seeing Tony Robbins live . With out my Struggle this would not be possible. let’s celebrate .come dance with me.
#celebrationoflife #celebrateyourself