Chronic Pain Video

GCSMR presents Webinar – Varma Therapy for acute and chronic pain relief

Global center of Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR) is a
Registered non-profit tax exempt 501© (3) approved organization in USA and registered non-profit in India .

GCSMR was founded in 2019 primarily to integrate the best of both allopathic & Siddha medicine. Several programs are being developed in certain Universities here in US to bring an understanding of Siddha medicine into modern world.
Aim of GCSMR – “Bringing Siddha Medicine Knowledge to The Fore front Through integrative & Advanced Research”

Siddha is a traditional form of Indian medicine practiced over several hundreds of years more popular in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

It has proven to be most effective in the care of chronic skin diseases, arthritis, infertility, rehabilitation and palliative care. It has lot of potential treatment methods, with less side effects for several disease conditions but is only confined to certain states in India, not known globally.

In reality, there is a huge gap between the modern medicine and any traditional medicine. But things are slowly changing now, and we are seeing several traditional medicine accepted worldwide, for example Acupuncture

Integrative Medicine has lots of potential for new avenues in Medicine & research.