Chronic Pain Video

From Crippling Chronic Pain to Ageless Femininja – the Inspirational Tale of Cheryl Ilov.

In this description, you will find:• Alternative titles,• A podcast summary,• Questions I wish I’d asked,• Lessons learned/takeaways,
• How to contact Fred, his PR guy and where to buy Fred’s memoir, and Cheryl’s contact and offerings• The hashtag jungle
To contact Fred, repeatedly.dead.fred@gmail.comTo contact PR, myles@hiltz2.comTo find Fred’s memoir, contact Cheryl, the Femininja, visit

Alternative titles:1. The Ninja’s Path to Self-Healing: Cheryl Ilov’s Journey2. Breaking Barriers: How Cheryl Ilov Refused to Accept Limits3. The Femininja’s Fight Against Chronic Pain and Labels4. From Diagnosis to Empowerment: Cheryl Ilov’s Healing Odyssey
Summary:Join us on The Dead Man Walking Podcast as Repeatedly Dead Fred delves into the transformational journey of Cheryl Ilov, also known as The Femininja. Exploring her battle against chronic pain from piriformis syndrome and the discouragement of medical professionals, Cheryl shares her triumphant refusal to accept the limitations she was imposed. Fred and Cheryl talk about invisible disabilities and the power of self-advocacy in finding alternative healing methods. Cheryl emphasizes the significance of breath and mindful movements in her current practice, inspiring listeners with her vitality at age 66. The wit remains high when debating whether to fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses, showcasing Cheryl’s energetic spirit. The conversation shifts to the body’s systemic inflammation and explores cutting negative influences from one’s life. Ending on a note of empowerment and encouragement for virtual engagement, Cheryl offers insights into self-healing and the strength that resides within all of us.

Questions I Wish I’d Asked:
1. How has embracing the ninja mentality influenced your approach to daily life and overcoming obstacles?
2. Could you share an anecdote about a student who experienced a particularly profound transformation through your somatic movement programs?
3. What are the most common misconceptions you’ve encountered about martial arts as they relate to healing?

Lessons Learned/Takeaways:
1. It is possible to overcome chronic pain and defy medical expectations by becoming your own advocate and exploring alternative healing modalities.
2. Addressing mental and emotional health is just as critical as physical health; cutting out negative influences can make a significant impact on overall well-being.
3. Martial arts and somatic movement can be powerful anti-aging tools and play a key role in maintaining vitality and strength.

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00:00 – Introduction to Cheryl Ilov, The Femininja
02:15 – Cheryl’s personal struggle with chronic pain
04:10 – The dangers of accepting labels and the power of alternative healing 06:20 – Discussion about invisible disabilities and misconceptions
08:45 – Breath work and its role in Cheryl’s somatic movement programs
11:00 – Cheryl’s tale of defiance and vitality through martial arts
13:30 – A light-hearted debate on animal fights
15:50 – Understanding systemic inflammation and its effects
17:35 – Cheryl’s reinvention of practice and virtual session offerings
19:55 – Recommendations for breathing techniques and the benefits of proper breathing
22:40 – The importance of non-scale victories and cutting out negativity
24:50 – Conclusion and calls to action for audience engagement