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From Chronic Pain to Possibilities: In Life and Business ft. Paula James

In this episode, Paula James, a movement specialist, shared her inspiring journey of overcoming a decade of low back and neck pain following an accident. Paula’s unique approach aims to bridge the gap between current limitations and desired abilities, empowering clients to embrace opportunities without fear of pain. Drawing from her own experience, Paula stressed the importance of supporting those dealing with pain, breaking down social masks, and fostering deeper connections.

The conversation explored the Feldenkrais Method, a movement therapy designed by Moshe Feldenkrais, focusing on enhancing brain-body communication, neuroplasticity, and exploring new movement patterns. Paula demonstrated practical tips for improving posture and reducing tension while working at a computer, emphasizing simple exercises like rotating the arms to open up shoulders for a more upright posture.

Looking ahead, Paula expressed interest in sharing her knowledge through blog posts, teaching movement classes within the Chinese community, and even considering a one-person show based on her personal journey. Overall, the episode highlighted Paula’s courage in overcoming chronic pain and her dedication to empowering others on their paths to improvement.

This episode is particularly meaningful to me as someone who manages chronic pain and has done for decades – as well as having worked with Paula as a client.

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