Chronic Pain Video

From Chronic Pain to Dietary Discovery: My Journey to Meat-Only Eating#shorts

The video has a captivating hook that introduces an intriguing health story. The logical flow of the video keeps viewers engaged, and the speaker’s personal connection helps create a relatable and valuable experience. However, the video would benefit from a conclusion or call-to-action to provide a more complete message. The topic may have limited appeal to a broader audience.

Just for those who don’t know your health story very quickly I was diagnosed when I was seven and then my health just went downhill I’d had my hip and ankle replaced I’d had years of being on painkillers and things So I started to delve into diet I went back to school for a biomedical degree which I didn’t end up finishing I did a couple of years of that And I started delving around in diet And you literally only eat. You only eat meat still Talk me through a day’s diet then