Chronic Pain Video

Frequency Burnout (Brain Reboot)- Pain Relief, Chronic Fatigue Relief – Binaural Beats Sound Therapy

A rhythmic entrainment session designed to provide Chronic Pain Relief, Chronic Fatigue Relief and to alleviate Frequency Burnout (Brain Reboot).


Use this session before and/or after using any brainwave entrainment binaural or isochronic audio with stimulating waves ranging from 12-40hz, or any audio which stabilises at a frequency below 12hz for extended periods of time. In the case of beta-gamma over-stimulation, this can lead to an unbalanced brainwave state where an overabundance of beta/gamma waves can result in ‘Frequency Burnout’. Symptoms of Frequency Burnout include: fatigue and irritability, lethargy, difficulty entering a relaxed state of mind, insomnia, headache and migraines. Regarding slower wave audios, if you’re listening to daytime sessions which stabilise at any frequency below 12hz for long periods of time, this audio will enable you to acquire a more balanced set of frequencies across the spectrum. Have this audio handy in a separate tab whenever you need it.


Recent findings have shown how a dysfunctional limbic system may be partly responsible for the onset of chronic fatigue. This track predominantly consists of Sub-Delta, Theta and Low Alpha frequencies, which serve to activate your body’s natural ‘relaxation response’, governed by the PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system (PNS). This counterbalances the SYMPATHETIC nervous system (SNS), which is activated in times of emotional and physical stress. The SNS is localised within the limbic system, and when out of balance, the constant increase in heart rate, blood pressure and the release of stress-related hormones can pose major problems over time. It’s important to consider that the SNS is not ‘bad’ in and of itself, and is not to be seen as an inconvenience. Rather, it is named as such because it’s there to ensure survival by protecting the organism against danger, real or perceived. Unfortunately, a lot of the ‘programs’ which trigger your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response are no longer useful. When in a constant state of engagement, this can be liked to accelerating with the breaks on, until your body says ‘enough is enough’, and starts to shut down.

By constantly meditating to these rhythmic entrainment frequencies you can help stabilise your body’s SNS to a state of balance. Deep sleep is also essential to CFS recovery – a balanced Limbic system is highly conducive to sleep. Be sure to take a holistic approach such as diet, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, very light exercise such as tai-chi/chi-gong, positive affirmations, and if you feel it’s needed, cognitive behavioural therapy. Remember that for this condition, a holistic approach is imperative. These protocols were used by myself when recovering from the worst of my CFS symptoms years back.


The slow wave – high amplitude frequencies here have a balancing effect on the limbic system, specifically the amygdala and hypothalamus, which themselves process physical and emotional pain. This may be the reason many people find these rhythmic entrainment frequencies to be so helpful with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraine headache relief.

RHYTHMIC ENTRAINEMT PROTOCOLS (Binaural Beats Divided into Four Segments)

0-15 Mins: 10hz – 8hz- 6hz -0.2hz – 4hz- 10hz
15-30: 0.5hz- 4hz- 0.17hz -10hz- 9hz- 8hz
30-45: 10hz- 0.5hz- 8hz- 4hz- 4hz- 0.1hz
45-60: 8hz -10hz- 0.5hz- 2hz -1hz- 9hz

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The brainwavehub is your solution for effective sound therapy using rhythmic entrainment (aka, brainwave entrainment) technology to create brain states on demand. Use this mindfulness meditation music to QUICKLY enter deep meditative states through the use of delta wave pulsations of 2 cycles per second. These frequencies can also aid with stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep and relaxation.

This mindfulness meditation sleepscape functions in accordance to the principles of rhythmic entrainment (also known as brainwave entrainment) to influence your state of consciousness. An often overlooked phenomenon in western culture, rhythmic entrainment can be administered in the form of auditory, visual, and even electromagnetic stimuli. Our brainwave’s ability to ‘sync’ to an external stimulus is known as the FFR – Frequency Following Response. In actuality, this has been known to ancient cultures for many generations as they conjured trance states from the repetitive beat of their ceremonial drums. Binaural beats, isochronic tones, and all forms of music simply provide the medium for a more modern and updated form of consciousness alteration. It’s both an art and science which provides ground for fun experimentation.