Pain Management Video

Fitness First: A New Approach to Pain Management

Video Highlights:

Core Value in Evaluation: Emphasizes solving problems by evaluating beyond musculoskeletal pain, considering various constructs and solutions, and referring out if necessary.

Fitness as a Solution: Highlights the importance of fitness and load management in pain management, using examples from sports like badminton and paddleball to illustrate the need for adequate fitness levels to prevent tendon issues.

Blood and Respiratory Tests: Discusses the relevance of blood work and respiratory quotient (RQ) in understanding pain, noting that high A1C levels and improper RQ indicate a need for better glucose and fat usage management.

Training and Recovery: Stresses the necessity of training for peripheral cardiovascular adaptations and mitochondrial efficiency to optimize energy usage and reduce reliance on glycolytic systems, thus aiding in pain management.

Holistic Approach to Pain Management: Advocates for integrating physiological markers, fitness regimes, and proper nutrition to address intermittent musculoskeletal pain, underscoring the role of heavy lifting and various cardio exercises tailored to individual metabolic conditions.