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Fighting for Justice for Dr. Bockoff and His Chronic Pain Patients

My name is Kristen Ogden and I advocate for chronic pain patients. My husband, Louis Ogden, is one of the chronic pain patients I’m talking about. Consider the fact that Louis has suffered from pain since he was a child. Some of you already know the background of our efforts to intervene in the case of DEA vs. Dr. David Bockoff.

If you don’t, we invite you to go first to and to https://www.

If you have pain, or you know someone who does, or fear some day you will have pain, as we all age, then you may want to consider what we’re doing in court. The why of our cause is straightforward. We are seeking justice for doctors to use their skills and justice for pain patients who desperately need relief from unremitting pain. In our fight with the DEA administrator and the relevant courts, we knew we had to retain counsel. When I first spoke to John P. Flannery, a former federal prosecutor, and special counsel on the Hill, and trial lawyer for decades, Mr. Flannery asked what outcome did we wish. Without hesitation, I said, individually and collectively we want the right to be let alone, to have access to pain medications for my husband, Louis, and for all of these patients in the same straits. That’s what we want. Mr. Flannery launched our effort with our full support with a Motion to Intervene in the case of DEA vs. David Bockoff, as “interested persons,” suffering because Dr. Bockoff was cut off summarily from continuing our pain prescriptions. We hoped to get the prescriptions we needed for our unremitting pain, and to exonerate Dr. Bockoff so he could get back to work caring for his patients. Prescriptions for controlled pain medications can only be possible if there’s a qualified pain specialist to write the scrips … preferably one who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and who “gets it” about chronic pain and the patients who suffer from it. We filed the Motion to Intervene, and, as expected, the DEA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) denied our motion.

Now we need more funds to continue our fight!

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