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Fibromyalgia Relief | Chronic Fibromyalgia Treatment

Living with fibromyalgia is hard. You dream of finding a fibromyalgia healing method and you keep trying to get fibromyalgia relief. Because I understand this completely, I want to share with you the fibromyalgia best treatment I have found during my healing journey. And that’s magnesium. Magnesium is amazing for pain, especially chronic pain. It is also great for muscles, joints, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, constipation, nerve pain, and obviously fibromyalgia. In this video I share with you my magnesium experience, I reply to questions like what are the symptoms of low magnesium, when to take magnesium, when you should not take magnesium, how much magnesium you should take. In the next video on magnesium, I will review the magnesium supplements I have tried and tell you which one I think is the best magnesium supplement.

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