Chronic Pain Video

Extreme Nerve Pain | Dan’s Battle with Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

This has been going on all week…(even as I type this). Dan has only had 1-3 hours of sleep each night. He is exhausted and it’s so hard to watch and feel so helpless. Your prayers for relief are welcome 💜.

P.S. As hard & crappy as it is to film and edit these videos,we post them to help others. Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a condition that most doctors are not educated about. Awareness NEEDS to be created! Here is a part of an email we received just last week (one of many just like it):

“So many times, I’ve been in tears seeing dan in so much pain because I relate and I know that severe nerve pain he fights!

As I was watching some of your videos, I saw “adhesive arachnoiditis”. Y’all, my jaw dropped when I started researching the condition.

My question is this, how did Daniel get diagnosed? At this point I’ve been told my disease is symptomatic… That feels like I’m being given up on by my doctors… Jesus hasn’t given up on me and never will. So, I’m not giving up either.
I’d love any advice or input.”

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