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Exercise and Pain by Dr. Anthony Machi

During the November 2023 Pain Science Lecture Series, Dr. Anthony Machi presented his lecture titled, “Exercise and Pain” which focused on the benefits of physical exercise for the treatment of chronic pain, how exercise works as a treatment, examples of different types of exercise, and recommendations on how to integrate exercise into a treatment plan will be covered.

The Pain Science Lecture Series was created in 2016 by Heather Poupore-King, PhD, a Stanford clinical associate professor in the division of pain medicine and pain psychologist, to provide community-based education about chronic pain. These free monthly series are presented by Stanford pain medicine and pain psychology fellows and focus on various topics, including biological, psychological, behavioral and social factors as they relate to the experience of chronic pain.

Dr. Anthony Machi is a Pain Medicine Fellow at Stanford University. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 10 years of clinical practice and research experience in anesthesiology, regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine and is also an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology. He completed his training in Anesthesiology and a Fellowship in Regional Anesthesia at the University of California San Diego and has practiced in private and academic practices. He is also an avid, lifelong athlete, playing various sports earlier in life and currently runs, bicycles, and cross-country skis, and does yoga and weight-lifting. He ascribes to the motto “Movement is Life” and believes exercise and activity are essential components to the management of and healing from painful conditions.

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