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Episode 169 Connecting Trauma and Chronic Pain with Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

This episode contains adult subject matter and some listeners may be triggered by this content. Listener discretion is advised.

In this episode, we explore the connection between trauma and chronic pain, highlighting how energy work can offer healing. We discuss the ways emotional and physical traumas intertwine, leading to persistent pain, and how energy healing addresses these issues at their core. This approach emphasizes a holistic healing journey, merging the mind, body, and spirit.

Our guest shares insights on using energy work to heal trauma and chronic pain. These techniques help release emotional blockages, easing physical symptoms and fostering wellbeing. Join us to learn how energy work can transform our approach to trauma and chronic pain, leading to better health and happiness.


Lyn Delmastro-Thomson is a certified Hypnotherapist and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, using the healing systems of BodyTalk and Body Intuitive. She is also a speaker and author of the Amazon bestseller “You Are Not Your Diagnosis”. Lyn holds a master’s degree in somatic psychology and has completed additional specialized training in biofeedback, therapeutic yoga, and Reiki.

After being misdiagnosed with leukemia at the age of 25, Lyn became passionate about sharing with the world her message that just because a doctor has said an illness is “chronic” or “incurable” doesn’t mean that it has to be a life sentence, and that western medicine isn’t the only approach to healing. When we explore healing beyond just the physical body, true healing, rather than symptom management, can occur.


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