Chronic Pain Video

EPAT Therapy – Used for Accelerated Healing in chronic pain.


Want permanent pain relief instead of temporary?

EPAT uses pressure waves to enhance circulation in an area to accelerate the healing process.

EPAT is high effective for:
✅Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
✅Tennis Elbow / Elbow Pain (Tendinitis)
✅ Rotator Cuff Injuries / Shoulder Pain
✅ Knee Pain
✅ Neck Pain
✅ Back Pain / SI joint Pain
✅ Plantar Fasciitis & other foot pain
✅ Tendonitis
✅ Turf toe
✅ Shin splints
✅ Neuroma

The benefits of EPAT are MASSIVE.
Non-invasive & no scarring
Fast pain relief
No anesthesia
No downtime
No risk of infection
Improved Activity
Accelerated Healing

Innovative PT & Fitness uses some of the most advanced rehab technology today.⁣

✅ MLS Laser Therapy⁣
✅ EPAT Machine⁣
✅ Graston Technique⁣
✅ Solo Step⁣
✅ RedCord Technique⁣

Alot of physical therapists want you to stay with them long term so they can bill you longer 😂

With us, it’s for 6-8 weeks then you’re done. ⁣

We do functional recovery, getting back to what you want to do in life. ⁣

We focus on the body top to bottom.⁣

Whatever the problem, we have a solution.⁣

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