Pain Management Video

EP26 – Seasonal protocol (Spring) for non-stop sharp pain management

Non-stop acute sharp pain can be very challenging to acupuncture practice if seasonal management is not considered.

Like waxing and waning of the moon is to the tide, we humans are adapting to the changes that nature brings us. Our body finds its ways to react and accommodate nature and runs differently in the seasonal circadian clock.

Sometimes, we get good results in treating acute, non-stop sharp pain while other times, we don’t. The reason for the inconsistent results is from lacking seasonal considerations while formulating our treatment protocol as the season changes.

If we ever paid attention to the clinical manifestation of sciatica, you will find it demonstrating the identical features that it exacerbates the most and responds the least to treatment during the winter, and calms down with the best treatment outcome in the Autumn. The temperature may have contributed to some of the inconsistency but the fact behind it is the seasonal changes.

Spring has come! If your patients are suffering from a non-stop acute sharp pain on BL and GB meridians along the spine. This video provides you with a solution to better manage the pain with long-lasting relief.