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Ep 83 | Caz Hitchcock How to Live With Chronic Pain

In this episode of “The Wise Why,” Kirsty van den Bulk is joined by Caz Hitchcock, a chronic joint pain specialist and creator of the Gravity Technique.

Despite some initial hiccups with introductions due to Kirsty’s dyspraxic mouth, the conversation delves deep into debunking myths around chronic pain management and explores holistic healing methodologies.

In the middle of the podcast, Kirsty experiences a power cut, leaving Caz on air alone. The live audience starts to send Caz messages to keep talking, as what she is explaining has so much value.

Key Points:

Challenging Conventional Pain Narratives: Caz emphasises that enduring pain or relying on painkillers as we age should not be accepted norms. She advocates for recognising our bodies’ innate intelligence and self-healing capabilities.

Personal Experience with Back Injury: Kirsty shares her journey dealing with back injury at 39, expressing how quitting painkillers cold turkey and resuming exercise helped her recover. Rethinking Medical Approaches:

The podcast critiques the standard medical practices offered by the NHS, often involving temporary solutions like steroid injections without addressing root causes.

Pain as Communication: Caz describes pain as a message from our body signalling the need for change rather than something to suppress.

Interconnectivity in Our Bodies: Discussing lumbar destabilisation and disc prolapses, Caz points out that issues often stem from other parts, such as tight shoulders or stiff ribs, leading to compensatory movements elsewhere in the body.

Emotional Factors in Physical Pain: Both guests explore how emotional states like feeling unsupported can manifest physically, referencing studies correlating stress levels with increased spine sensitivity.

Business Ownership Loneliness & Health Impacts: They touch upon how loneliness experienced by small business owners can exacerbate physical ailments.

Caz’s Personal Healing Journey & Scar Tissue Challenges: Sharing her health challenges, including surgeries at an early age, led Caz towards yoga initially for self-healing before turning it into a career helping others manage their conditions.

Gravity Technique Introduction: Combines movement therapy and manual techniques. Offers one-to-one sessions tailored to individual needs. Advocates start wherever you are health-wise 1

Feet—The Foundation of Our Body’s Structure: Emphasising feet’ flexibility and strength as akin to hands, the authors discuss common foot-related problems that contribute to knee, hip, and back issues due to modern footwear habits.

Contact Information: Listeners interested in working with Kaz or learning more about managing chronic joint pains holistically can visit

Wrap-Up: This episode provides valuable insights into understanding chronic pain beyond traditional medication-focused approaches while highlighting alternative treatments that consider physical alignment and emotional well-being components influencing overall health.

Remember! Recognise your body’s signals; don’t just silence them. Consider holistic approaches over quick fixes. Emotional states deeply impact physical health for those seeking better guidance on managing chronic pain.

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00:09 Welcome
00:53 Intelligent Self Healing
02:49 Body Warning System
03:08 Low Back Pain
04:04 Painkillers
05:10 The Body as a Whole
06:24 Fashion Research Institute
08:35 We are Individuals
09:25 The Emotion of Pain
12:21 A Life of Surgery
14:59 Power Cut
16:50 Feet
17:40 Self Healing
19:24 Manual Therapy & Movement
20:23 What Caz Does
21:37 Understanding Jargon
24:00 Audience Comments
25:06 OsteoarthritisTips
26:23 It Starts With Feet
31:17 Our Space
33:34 The Gravity Line
36:00 Close

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